Shared User and Principal Investigator Laboratories

Shared User: Micro and Nano-Scale Device and Structure Fabrication

18,500 square feet of semiconductor/MEMS cleanroom space and a fully equipped mask fabrication facility, as well as 5,000 square feet of biological cleanroom space rated up to Biosafety Level 2 in two buildings.

Shared User: Advanced Electronic Packaging

These labs include Class 1000 to 100,000 cleanroom environments for the substrate fabrication, interconnect circuitry, and assembly processes needed for research integration and to provide functional sub-system test vehicles.

Shared User: Nanomaterials and Surface Characterization

These laboratories provide micro and nano-scale inspection, characterization and measurement capabilities needed for organic and inorganic material, component, and device validation.

Shared User: RF mm-wave and Photonic Testing & Characterization

Located in the Technology Square Research Building, this lab comprises a variety of RF, mm-wave and photonics test beds and testing facilities.

Shared User: Mechanical Reliability and Characterization

These laboratories offer a compendium of temperature, humidity, and mechanical stress systems used to reliability test packaging technologies.

Participating Centers & Laboratory Groups

As an umbrella program, Flex@Tech aims to be inclusive of all related Flexible Electronics programs at Georgia Tech. Associated Centers and Laboratory links are located here.