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Flexible Wearable Electronics Advanced Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology is a campus-wide, multidisciplinary research, development, manufacturing, educational, and workforce development initiative, involving a large number of faculty, engineers, graduate and undergraduate students from various schools, colleges, research centers, and institutes. The program members work with other educational institutions, industry, and government agencies developing and implementing new technologies and manufacturing methods for Flexible Wearable Electronics. They also actively engage in educating and growing a competitive workforce that positively impacts the economic ecosystem in addressing some of the grand challenges associated with food, clean water, health, security, clean energy, and mobility for the sustainable progress of humanity and society.

Research Highlights

See the videos below for progress on project work developing the FHE manufacturing ecosystem.

Prof. Frank Hammond—Soft Robotics and Actuation

See the Demo Here
Adaptive Robotic Manipulation (ARM) Laboratory 

Prof. Suresh Sitaraman—Mechanical Modeling and Reliability Testing

See the Demo Here

Prof. Manos Tentzeris—Antenna, Sensing, and Energy Harvesting

See the Demo Here

Prof. Aaron Young—Exoskeleton and Human Augmentation

See the Demo Here