Micro and Nano-Scale Device and Structure Fabrication

Unique in the Southeastern United States, the Marcus Nanotechnology Building(MNB) contains both organic and inorganic fabrication and imaging systems, as well as characterization and measurement abilities for nano-scale features in organic and inorganic materials, devices, components, and systems. These facilities are open, shared user facilities.

Leveraging these shared user laboratories, the MNB contains a research wing which houses Micro and Nano research in support of Bio and Physical Devices and Systems Research, bringing together research teams from engineering, life sciences, and medical sciences to enable the discovery and development of nano-based next-generation technology, devices, and systems for the benefit of man-kind. Examples include but are not limited to devices and systems for early cancer diagnosis and treatment, medical diagnostics in low-resource settings, temperature and physical environment monitoring; including wireless connection for remote data acquisition.

Contact: Gary Spinner, IEN Cleanroom Manager